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My Journey

Laetitia was born a native of the city of Paris and already from a very young age, she searched for meaning in life and tested various methods to improve it.  


At the age of 26, she found the Daoist practice of the Da Xuan school with my teacher, Serge Augier (aka. Urban Daoist). Almost immediately after this encounter she knew I had found what she had been looking for. 


Finally, she found a practice that doesn't separate the body and mind but one that unites them in all their combined capacities and potential.


Having been treated with acupuncture at a young age, her desire to learn more brought her to study Traditional Chinese Medicine of the Da Xuan school. She spent six years studying and obtained her Diploma of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2006.


In 2005, she wanted to transition from her 10 year long career in finance to full time training in the Daxuan tradition. With encouragement from her teacher, she entered into the Da Xuan practice of Gongfu for 2 years full-time.


In the school, this intense immersion in the practice is known as "acquiring the gong fu." According to Chinese terminology, "gong fu" or "kung fu" describes the idea of finding fulfilment by dedicating time, patience and energy into a long body of work. 


The acquisition of the gong fu is a real adventure, particularly in contemporary society because it requires a total commitment of yourself, an immersion for an extended period of retreat, and seeking out a particular state which doesn't correspond to the customs of today's fast-paced society. 


At the age of 32, she opened her own Traditional Chinese Medicine clinic in Paris. The period of immersion in the practice also enabled her to teach the other aspects of Da Xuan including Qi Gong, Taijiquan meditation and breathing. 


Today, she continues to study and a daily practice in the Da Xuan tradition with her teacher the various aspects and disciplines of the school, such as; Daoist Medicine, Shamanism, Yi JIng, Ba Zi and more. 


20 years of daily practice and 15 years of experience as a practitioner in Daoist wellness therapies has enabled her to advise, coach and mentor in health and wellness in a way that suits each and every problem.


Supporting you to your destiny!

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Contact Me

Rue de Four, Paris 75006

Rue de Baudreville, Erceville 45480

TER Austerlitz - Angerville,

Taxi Angerville to Erceville.

N20, exit Boisseaux 


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+33 6 80 48 19 47

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