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The definition of Qi Gong is: working on one’s own energy.

It is a traditional Chinese discipline for therapeutic purposes (traditional Chinese medicine) in which we will engage the body through physical activity, breathing through attention to our breath and to our mind through the development of our concentration.
Energy is what allows us to function like a human being, it’s like our fuel, our engine.​

The coherence of the whole makes it possible to improve the circulation of energy in the body/mind system in order to stimulate our vital functions so that we can function to the maximum of our potential, our possibilities.

This by:

  • Strengthening the body,

  • Softening and relaxing tendons,

  • Increasing the respiratory amplitude,

  • Calming the emotions,

  • Promoting relaxation of mind and spirit.

Therefore, practiced regularly and more, guided by a health professional, Qi Gong can be both a moment of relaxation but also of learning and self-discovery.

Qi Gong is not strictly speaking sport, where we would seek a particular performance, it is accessible to all.​

Exclusively taught and passed on in small groups, it allows you to benefit from personalized and adapted attention.

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