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Laetitia Seow

Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine and Qigong

Me, Laetitia I have over 20 years of training and experience in Taoist practice and healing.
I studied traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and Taoist medicine with Serge Augier, heir to a 1,500-year-old Taoist tradition called “Ba Men Da Xuan”.
My desire to learn a practice and a medicine that take into account the body as much as the mind, with all their combined potentials and abilities, led me to study traditional Chinese medicine from the “Da Xuan” school, to then obtain, after six years of hard work, my diploma in acupuncture.
I also completed my training with two years of intensive immersion, which is called in this tradition "The Acquisition of Gong Fu" which grants a serious mastery of this discipline.

In 2006, after graduating, I opened my practice in Paris, for the purpose  of supporting and monitoring my patients and my students, and continuing to supervise them, both individually and at a distance, by giving them lessons regularly, by organizing seminars and webinars (online seminars).

I then ran my own TCM and Taoist medicine practice in Australia for eight years, before returning recently and permanently to France to pursue this vocation.

I graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree recognized by Whitten University of Chinese Medicine due to my years of professional training, clinical experience, and many years of personal immersion in the Taoist arts.
I, Laetitia, I grant all the desired benefit through my achievements and I sign this commitment.

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Contact Me

Rue de Four, Paris 75006

Rue de Baudreville, Erceville 45480

TER Austerlitz - Angerville,

Taxi Angerville to Erceville.

N20, exit Boisseaux 


By Appointment Online

+33 6 80 48 19 47

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