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The Shamanic ancestor and origins of Traditional Chinese Medicine it is an efficient practice for deep long term transformation.

It is utilised to treat  blockage of the mind and spirit.

Being an ancient therapy it employs the 'laying of hands' on various energetic centres of the body to stimulate circulation by the use of intentional focus on the particular area you are stuck.

The emancipation of these blockages aids in releasing you from patterns endemic in your life to free you to be in the best state of your incarnation.

It works via the synergy of the 'holy trinity' or 'Jing', 'Qi', 'Shen' as it is known in the Daoist practice of Da Xuan. 

The 3 aspects, simply put are the body, energy and mind, undoubtedly universal and therefore systematic and we can not separate ourselves from rest in reference to the 'microcosm' and  'macrocosm'.

It is our potential to connect with something bigger. The belief of our self and in our self and our place, destiny.

These treatments support you to achieve this.