30 day Mentoring Program :

How many times did we say, chatting with others, that the world was speeding too much and this had to stop?

How many times did we think: "I would like to do this or that but I miss some time"?

How often did we say we always wanted to learn this or try that but we didn't because we were too busy?

It seems that life has offered us the occasion, putting the society in suspension.

Of course, from our perspective, it might not be the right timing. It's obvious we didn't plan it for now or chose this time BUT, it's here.

In the Daxuan tradition, we have something, a way of practicing, called "emptying our trash".

It means that we should, thanks to our daily practice, be able to empty our physical/emotional trash every day, to avoid to have to do it when it cracks and fall over the floor on a day we didn't choose.

Here we are!

So it's up to us to transform the fact we feel forced to do it by becoming fully part of it, accepting to go with this current instead of resisting to what could be our chance to create a little bit more the life we want.

What if it was the moment for us to start learning what we always wanted to learn?

What if it was the right time for us to try things we wanted to discover?

What if it was the occasion to finally take advantage of the free time or, even if we keep working from home, to take advantage of a slower rhythm to actually reflect on what we want to do do with it?...


Bullet point

Gregory - Performing Artist

..."It gave me so much energy...And focus I could put into my work"  

Bullet point

Laura - Artist

..."Laetitia helped me breakthrough some old behavioural patterns....I continue to practice the exercises and micro-practices every day."

Bullet point

Anne - Textile Artist

..."She is a treasure!...And this program works. You just need to follow."

COST : $1150.00AUD

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Thanks to the Daxuan practice, I can offer a lot of possibilities to start a step by step "emergency" mentoring and bring a Daoist daily support for you.

It will work this way:


-> 1 INTRO SESSION (20mn): to establish a deeper contact which permits a better perspective that goes towards the best possible direction for your program.

-> 28 SESSIONS (9:20 hrs): to follow up on your training to make it evolve each day and make the change operate

-> 1 FOLLOW UP SESSION (20mn): to help you reflect and understand the progress you have made with your practice to establishing a foundation for your body/mind system health

Stay alert!

Be the master of your destiny.